MS Paint Adventures: Storyboards

These are storyboard adaptations of Homestuck Flashes.

This project is not yet complete. See below for more details of what I've made, why, and how you could help me.

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What is a storyboard?
A storyboard is a sequence of images representing some video art like a film or game, sometimes accompanied by text describing scenes and their transitions and timing. They are usually used to explore or specify the art before you make it, but in this case I have made storyboard versions of Homestuck SWFs using still images grabbed from the finished work.
Why are you making them?
A bunch of slightly related reasons.
What state is the project in?
At the time of writing, lots of stuff is missing entirely or at least lacks text descriptions. And my real job is taking up a lot of my energy, so don't expect rapid progress! Here's how things have gone so far:
How can I help?
Firstly, do tell me about any mistakes! Secondly, do you feel like writing scene descriptions for the storyboards that don't yet have them? Please do! Maybe I can wire some kind of wiki-editing up if there's enough interest, but for now just send them to me like any other project help. Discuss how it should work first with me if you want.