[S] Jade: Descend.

This is a readmspa.org storyboard for 00843.swf, as featured on Homestuck page 002743: [S] Jade: Descend..

Jade stands in the landing just beneath her bedroom, next to the transportalizer pad at the foot of the spiral stairs.

As the prose text on the page explains, she is distracted by the fate of her friends, and we fade to

her view of her hand. There are seven colorful reminder rings on various fingers - green, yellow, pink, and a single blue ring on her little finger, on which we zoom in and center.

A large play arrow appears bottom-left and the Flash pauses.


Clicking the play arrow (at 00:05.00 in this storyboard) starts the main animation. The image of Jade's hand dissolves into a pixellated blur.

Soundtrack: Harleboss, game rock arrangement by Malcolm Brown of the Harlequin theme.

Fade to

a "STRIFE!"-captioned confrontation between John and the two Ogres towering either side of him on the top platform of his house. John has the Pogo Hammer; Lefthand Ogre holds John's rope-and-tire swing; Righthand Ogre carries the Colonel Sassacre book.

Wielding the Pogo Hammer, John "BOING"s back and forth between the two Ogres, building up its power. The background fades to shimmering light and dark green rays adorned with cartoon Slimer ghosts as he does so. Spinning, he leaps up toward Righthand Ogre.

The Ogre punches down diagonally at John using the book, sending him flying. A "Sassacre" icon accompanies the impact. John bounces off Lefthand Ogre's face, and falls to the ground at the feet of Righthand Ogre, who brings the book down, squashing him.

Lefthand Ogre swings the tire up higher than his head and then brings it down-right on and around John's prostrate body. Lassoed by the tire, John is swung straight up into the air and then down-left hard against the ground. The Ogre repeats his actions, lifting and trashing John with three further symmetrical upward then diagonally downward swings.

Lefthand Ogre swings the tire and unhappy John around in a wide circle over his head. As momentum builds, the background fades to a purple blur behind horizontal motion lines.

Pan down to the Ogre (fading the motion blur) and then across to his Righthand counterpart, who draws back the book. He smacks John with it, sending him flying up into the air (the purple motion blur reappears, now with vertical motion lines.)

Zoom out as John tumbles to the left of the platform, in a tall arc. Zoom back in as a floating Nannasprite catches him on his bed, which she controls with eye lasers.

John's almost empty "Health Vial" appears above him. He is enclosed in a cyan circle as Nannasprite recharges his health using the power of her baked cookies.

Recharged, John sits back up. He runs and jumps off the right of the bed, back onto the platform, re-entering the fray and brandishing the Pogo Hammer.

John powers up the hammer again as the animation repeats.