Contact me

I'm the fan who runs and who compiled the offline archive. I'm not affiliated with the official website. My name is Anthony Bailey. On the MSPA forums I was psychoticBark. Hello!

For projects in general

If you have a question about or a correction for any of the projects, then in order of preference,

For a copy of the offline archive

Unless the image below suggests otherwise then yes, it is still up to date and I am still around.

So if you want a copy of the archive then please email me, explaining why. Tell me who needs it (a name and approx location), and why they can't use the official website? No need for an essay, but more than a one-liner please.

(No "I don't like/trust the new and want my old pixels back" requests, please. It's the official website where Hussie says YOU'RE WELCOME to read the MSPA stories online.)

If it is for someone stuck offline who cannot practically read any other way, then describe their particular situation a little. Any permissions I unofficially have is for distribution is in "specific circumstances" — so knowing "Rose Lalonde in Rainbow Falls, whose backup generator was destroyed during a meteor firestorm" makes me happy but "my friend who keeps going offline" leaves me wanting more. The better you can explain it, the easier it is for me to arbitrarily judge and feel I did right.

I love to help other fan projects (data mining, visualizations, translations.) Often a structured asset pack or data dump is better than the usual offline reading archive - so tell me what you want to do, we'll sort something out.

For other offline archive reasons

If there's some problem with the archive or you have a general comment or question, then similar to the other projects above, in order of preference,