[S] ==>

This is a readmspa.org storyboard for 00137.swf, as featured on Homestuck page 002037: [S] ==>.

Soundtrack: Sburban Jungle, a busy energetic "getting things done" tune.

Green Sburb Beta house logo loading screen.

Fade to

a white screen with a light green area at the bottom. The area shows a currently empty white progress bar (which will fill up in blue from left to right as time passes) above a space for text (which will describe initialization actions — these flash by very quickly, but are transcribed here.)

In the main space above the progress bar a spirograph-style pattern in various colors rotates, evolves and dances.

The backdrop shifts between plain white, a light blue sky with white clouds, and a darker blue background with lighter gray shapes. The areas kaleidoscope into an increasing number of symmetrical tiled copies as progress advances.

Fade to black

(Replay button appears bottom-left of screen.)

Soundtrack cuts off suddenly.

Fade in to

gently bouncing friendly SBURB intro text.