TT: Zoom out.

This is a readmspa.org storyboard for 00140.swf, as featured on Homestuck page 002040: TT: Zoom out..

Closer up view of John's room with the Sburb controls at the top. John is bottom left of shot, facing his computer, and we can also see bed, calendar and window.

Rose's pointer clicks one of the rotate buttons.

Fade to

a similarly close view but from the opposite angle. John is now on the right of the screen with his back to us. We can also see the cake smeared against posters, and the broken window.

Pointer clicks magnifying glass.

Zoom out to

a wider shot now showing more posters to left, bed at bottom, CD rack and closet to right.

Pointer clicks magnifying glass again.

Zoom out to

a shot that now includes the whole room, with cut-off walls.

Fade through walls to

outside the room, with corresponding exterior shot close up on the corner of the house.

Pointer clicks magnifying glass a third time.

Zoom out to

a wider view. We can see a balcony on the right of the house, and a long chimney against one of its walls.

(Replay button appears bottom-left of screen.)