[S] John: Take bite of apple.

This is a readmspa.org storyboard for 00246.swf, as featured on Homestuck page 002146: [S] John: Take bite of apple..

(This is a retcon of the original.)

Soundtrack: tension-building Suburban Countdown, backed by a ticking clock.

John faces us, looking at the apple he holds in his left hand. Zoom out slightly as he turns his head towards us.

Fade to

close up pinned to a red meteor cutting a yellow/white swathe right-to-left through blue sky, trailing gray smoke. Gradual zoom out as clouds flash by. A small clock overlay at top-center of the screen counts down seconds from "0:30".

Quick fade to

wider view of the same meteor descending diagonally through the cloudy sky from right to left.

Quick fade to

gradual zoom out from a full shot of the Egbert house, from the corner perspective, centered on the balcony with John and the harlequin sprite on either side of the alchemiter. The countdown reads "0:20". Also visible: the chest on the sloping roof, and the tyre-swing tree below.

Quick fade to

continue zoom out on a wider shot from same angle of same house, surrounded by three dozen other houses in the neighborhood.

Another quick fade to

yet wider shot showing more of the urban surroundings — hundreds of houses now, and also a pair of lakes in the top-left.

Cut and fade in from white to

same view of town now with meteor gradually bearing down upon it from the top-left of shot.

Cut back to original side view of meteor. Countdown has now reached "0:09".

Cut to John's posters, centred on A Time To Kill, with parts of Deep Impact and Failure to Launch above and below.

Cut back to meteor.

Cut to puzzled Dad, smoking pipe and mixing cake in the kitchen.

Cut back to meteor.

Cut to close up on Bruce Willis in the Armageddon poster. Countdown is now "0:05".

Brief cut to meteor.

Cut to staircase harlequin poster, palms out.

Cut to Nanna's portrait above the fireplace and the hastily restored cremation urn.

Cut to close up of the green slimer ghost on John's t-shirt.

Cut to new shot of John on balcony, now facing out toward the incoming meteor. He stands in profile, silohetted against balcony railings and bright sky, still holding the apple. As the meteor approaches a blue-edged white triangle sticking in from left of frame fades out of shot. As it reaches "0:01" the countdown overlay also fades. The meteor grows to fill the entire background.

Fade to

bright white and silence following crescendo of the music.

(Replay button appears bottom-left of screen.)

Slow fade in to

nuclear mushroom-shaped explosive cloud in the red, yellow and white colors of the meteor and trail, backed by light gray clouded blue sky. The entire image ripples vertically.