(This is a just a sample for demo/discussion, running over a recent chunk of pages. It is not the whole reader!)

(I made the reader for the Three-Read, which is now over. I only had explicit permission to distribute it for said Three-Read. So I've removed the download for now. Sorry!

Fullscreen Homestuck Reader

TL;DR: Cool full screen Homestuck experience.
Just keep hitting Page Down!

As a hobby I had previously compiled a complete archive of MSPA for offline reading. This led me to play with reading options. I noticed the online Three-read and wondered if I could hack the two together in time for the Homestuck read Day One on June 24th. This is the result.

Story text and mark-up ends up here on your computer, but all the assets (images and Flashes) are still online. So you'll be hitting Andrew's servers, but not earning him any ad revenue. I'm sure you're all big supporters already, but please reward MS Paint Adventures with boondollars to make this weird hybrid reader less dodgy.

What web browsers and computers does the reader work on?

I use it in the Chrome browser on an Ubuntu Linux box. In theory any part of it might be completely broken on anything else. Hell, it could be broken for me too, I hacked it together in a bit of a hurry.

In practice it ought to work fine on any halfway recent web browser on any halfway decent operating system. It should work OK in Internet Explorer 8 or so, but if you run into issues I suggest trying Firefox or Chrome.

Is this allowed?

Yes! I proposed the project to Andrew Hussie and sent him a demo link. He said "Sounds good to me. Hope everyone has a good time with it."

Is this permanent?

For now the arrangement is that I will disable the presentation after the Three-Read has completed.

But depending on response maybe I can get permission to keep it around.

Note that even if that happens this will not be a good way to read Homestuck day-to-day, because it'll always be behind with the latest updates. (Well, unless I do some kind of really hairy reimplementation using GreaseMonkey.) And I think it isn't a good way to go through the story for the first time, it isn't the style the author intended for this work which makes lots of visual references back to itself!

But for re-reads I like it.

If I click through to pages from a Flash, it takes me back to MSPA!

Yeah, it does. I've put in a warning for all the ones I remember. The offline archive has fancy localized versions of all the Flashes but in this version you're using the original Flashes, and of course they link to the real site. Navigate with the keys to keep reading the story linearly instead. You won't miss anything!

Something is broken!

If you run into any issues viewing the archive, please let me know! I'd love to try to fix any problems that you have, although I can't promise anything, this is all a bit last minute.