Missing pages

Stories on MS Paint Adventures occasionally link out to material not by Andrew Hussie that still might be considered part of the narrative. And more often they link to material that is by Hussie buts sits apart from the numbered pages (quite often served from the MSPA website via shortened URLs.) The project is a multimedia linky thing that lives on the web and tries to have fuzzy borders.

However, for the most part MS Paint Adventures numbers its pages consecutively, across the sequence of stories that have been told on the site.

But not exactly: there are some missing numbers, and some non-numbered pages. This resource attempts to collect the details so we can keep everyone's page arithmetic straight.

I care because I count pages carefully in my stats.

This resource uses the old mspaintadventures.com/?s=n&p=nnnnnn URLs. All old URLs redirect seamlessly to new URLs on homestuck.com - this part of the rehost been done very nicely. Although it restarts each story's page numbering from 1 (thus shifting the page numbers by a constant amount e.g. -1900 for Homestuck) the new site has the same missing and extra pages as the old site. So e.g. Homestuck runs from story/1 to story/8130, and has 8126 pages once you consider the seven missing and three bonus pages described below.

Near misses

Wayward pages

There are eight waywardvagabond/manywordphrase image container pages concerning the Exiles that are linked out to from Homestuck. They are almost true story pages, but I treat them like other non-story pages linked out to from the main story because they have no p= identifier, and do not present themselves within the usual website surrounding frame.

Cage: Reveal Plan

p=darkcage does exist as an accessible s=6 story page. It contains a Flash with the same content that can be secretly accessed from p=006273. But, because the page itself isn't actually linked into the story, I don't count it.

Missing Homestuck images

The stories number their media (mostly images, but Flashes too) independently. The numbers reset with each new story, but the numbering increments with the pages (so the images on any one page have the same base number, with some extra suffix to differentiate them.)

I'll elide the details for most stories, but talk more about Homestuck, because people try to use the image numbers to count the pages. This actually works (ignoring secret pages) since some edge cases cancel out. Here are the details!

The general rule: the media usually live in storyfiles/hs2/. Images are typically of the form 0NNNN.gif if there's one on a page, or 0NNNN_1.gif, 0NNNN_2.gif etc. if there are several. Retcons leave the original images alone and add 0NNNN_retcon.gif copies. Flashes are typically 0NNNN/0NNNN.swf, with retconned copies using a surprising 1NNNN/1NNNN.swf convention.

Here are the exceptions. For the most part they keep the underlying property of one number per page consistent; for example, they might use a different number, but the count has still ticked up on subsequent pages. But there are three cases where no number is used, two cases where a number is skipped, and two where a number is duplicated.

Thanks to Aepokk Vulpex for drawing my attention to this way of counting pages and correcting some of the above!